Friday, February 12, 2016

Friday Favorites

It's Valentine's weekend!


Tonight, the school's family Valentine's Dance and then tomorrow, we celebrate the Chinese New Year.  Top all of that off with our annual family Valentine's dinner on Sunday night and I'm going to go ahead and predict we have a great weekend!

Today, I'm linking up with NarciErika and Andrea and sharing some of my favorite things from this week.  

Hope you guys have a weekend filled with love.

On Monday, I thought my beloved Keurig was broken.  Whenever it stops dripping or starts to drip slowly, I use white vinegar to descale it.  Well...that didn't work.  So, I googled "how to fix a Keurig" and found this website with these directions.  I handed the directions over to Andrew while I made dinner and bam!  Fixed!  You should pin this if you have a Keurig.  Ours is now running as good as new!

Thank goodness for the internet :).

A sweet reader named Brittany sent me these pictures and absolutely MADE MY DAY!

Brittany gifted my Cakes books to her kids' teachers for Valentine's Day!  Aren't they so cute?!?!  You can print off the tags right here...

These tags are all formatted to print 4x6.  Just make sure your printer is on that setting.

And of course, you can find both Cakes and Meal Planner in stores or online :).

Thank you Brittany for sending me these pictures!

I mean...


That's a direct quote.  
Sheaffer's Bachelor recap post was extra hysterical this week.  Y'all...if you don't watch the Bachelor, you'll still think it's so funny!

Where else on TV do you get pigs, category 5 hurricane winds, uncontrollable sobbing, uncontrollable lying and Chris Harrison?  The recap was one of my faves this week!

This week, I did What I Wore's a little peek...

To see all of the details from What I Wore Wednesday, click here.

Anyone else watching this?  I just can't look away!  At first, I thought it might be cheesy (since it's a reenactment of the actual events), but we have found it to be riveting.  It took all of about three minutes to suck us in.

I'm recapping Valentine's recipes from breakfast through dessert.  Need something festive to make this weekend?  Look no further!  I have you covered!

Click here to see everything Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Weekend friends!  I love you all!

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Life Lately.

The week leading up to Valentine's Day has been pretty sweet.

Here's a look at our life lately...
 Every. Single. Night.  

 Walking home after school with my kiddos is my favorite time of the day.  Ironically, the following two hours of the day are my most frantic (homework, dance, basketball, laundry, cook dinner, more laundry...).  We enjoy the walk home...and then the crazy begins!

 100 year old Smith on the 100th day of school :).

My friend Courtney told me to put dry shampoo in his hair to turn it gray...and it worked!  It even lasted all day (which surprised me).  Isn't he the cutest little old man?!?!

Post basketball brunch at our favorite diner on the square.

 Ski shop shenanigans.  Take one.

 Take two.

Take three.



Our local ski shop is right next door to our local candy, win.

They are crazy.

 This picture of them before church could not sum them up better.  Kensington is loving on Lucky (of course!). Ashby is just being cute and happy and being Smith.

On Monday, I took Bowen and Ashby to Chick-fil-a for lunch while Erika ran some errands.  These two are just so much fun!  They wanted three dipping sauces...and proceeded to put each bite into all three before consuming it.

Can you see how hard they're laughing?  Our table was right up next to the glass and it was just the two of them in the play area.  They were laughing so hard at each other.  I thank the Lord every single day that Ashby has Bowen.

On Tuesday, it was "take something you love" to school day...and Ashby picked Pony.  This is her favorite toy.  Uncle Sean and Aunt Catherine gave it to her for Christmas.  She was so excited to bring Pony to school!  (Side note: it's a unicorn but no one tell her that. #shewantsittobeapony)

On Tuesday, Smith came home from school excited to teach me how to square dance (they're learning in PE since the family Valentine's Dance is this Friday night).  This picture (taken by Kensington) sums it up...he thinks I'm doing it wrong.  We were laughing so hard!  I remember taking square dancing lessons in elementary PE!  According to Smith...I don't remember any of it :).

So, that's a bit of life lately!

On my foodie blog today...

...a Valentine's Breakfast for Kids!

A few simple suggestions to make your Valentine's morning extra fun!

Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

What I Wore Wednesday

I'm linking up with The Pleated Poppy today for her weekly What I Wore Wednesday...and let's face it, after I gathered the pics of what I've been wearing lately, I realized, I've been in my gym clothes too much...and I don't think I've actually been working out.  (Insert that monkey emoji covering his eyes here.).

So, here are some random pics of what I've been wearing lately...gym clothes and all :).

Well, I's like the worst picture ever...but I was hustling into the car and snapped it very quickly.  This blouse right here is one of my very faves.  I have it in black...

...and ivory.

It's light, so I wear one of these camis underneath it.  Love it year around.  Love, love, love it.  I also love my black Paige jeans pictured above (I was wearing them in the cream picture too).  They just hold up time and time again (no saggy bottom) and after many washes, the color still looks great!

I bought this scarf when it first came out in September and it's still available!  Woohoo!  And I know I keep talking about this sweater...but I keep wearing it, so there :).  It comes in so many other colors too and it's 40% off!  I love it!  Black cami underneath (because I wear that every day), exact jeans (on Friday, I showed you these exact jeans in a darker wash...these are the lighter wash as pictured online) and my booties are no longer available but these are very, very similar.

I love this scarf :).

This outfit brought to you by J Crew.  Not really, it just appears that way ;).

Jeans, puffer, plaid shirt (a J Crew one that is no longer available), white cami underneath (see, I wear them every day...) and my Uggs!  Oh how I love my Uggs.  Speaking of which...

Me.  On a weekday.  To be fair, when I went to pick my kids up from school, I put on my black tall Uggs and took off my Ugg slippers :).

I love my Athleta workout pants, a basic Gap tank, my Cozy sweatshirt (no longer available) and the blue peeking out is my Athleta sports bra.  Ask me if I even worked out on this day?  That would be a no :).

Speaking of working out...

...I did work out on this day and snapped a pic of the back of my top just for you!  Isn't it cute?!  I bought it in black but it comes in other colors too.

And one very last thing...

...I ordered these two sweatshirts from Gap and looooove them both!  They just arrived at my house yesterday afternoon, so no pics of me wearing them yet.  But trust me, as soon as I do, I'll show you one.  They're so soft and comfy!  I ordered true to size but if you wanted yours to fit a little looser, then I would size up one.  Navy and White Stripe is here and Rose and White is here.

So, that's What I Wore Wednesday pretty much every day.

Want to make a romantic Valentine's dinner for two at home this weekend?  Check out my foodie blog for your cozy menu.  I have a sweet little supper for you to make your sweetheart.

Happy Wednesday!

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