Thursday, August 21, 2014

#shayeveryday2014 Weeks 32 & 33

It's a double dose of pics today because I didn't do them last week ;).

Day 218: Kensington had her kindergarten assessment on this morning and it went really well.  And by well, I mean she didn't cry hysterically.  She does not care to leave and go off with strangers (good problem), so I wasn't sure how she would do when a teacher she had never met before wanted to assess her without me being there.  I was prepared for the worst, but she did great!  We celebrated with pancakes for brunch!

Day 219: We're making fall food at our house!  Since I cook and bake at least 6 weeks in advance for my food blog, we have been whipping up lots of September recipes in our kitchen.  This girl was super excited about this apple goodness here :).

Day 220: Smith spent the day with my mom, so I told Kensington we could do whatever she wanted.  She picked pedicures and Starbucks.  I just love this girl!

Day 221: Suburban Fishing.

Day 222: He told me he was a monster on this day.  All day.

Day 223: Road trip bound!!  To see our entire vacation post, click here.

Day 224: We arrived in Breckenridge!!!

Day 225: We loved the top of Peak 8!  We had so much fun riding the Alpine Slide and doing the other fun activities.

Day 226: We went horseback riding in the mountains and it was so much fun!

Day 227: We had the best day in Vail.  XO

Day 228: Back home across the Texas border.  After our fun week, it was so nice to be home in Texas.

Day 229: No matter where my feet may take me, there is really no place I love more than the inside of my house.

Day 230: This was our last Monday of summer break!  I told the kids to give me the face they felt about summer ending...I think they both nailed their true feelings (he's excited, she is not).

Day 231: We had Meet the Teacher Night on this night.  She was really nervous walking in, but after she found her spot in the room and started looking around, she was all smiles.  I'm praying so much that this girl has a great first year of school.

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And on my foodie blog today...

...Andrew's Bleu Cheese Baked Steaks are for dinner!

And my sweet friend Kelly nominated me for the Ice Bucket Challenge...

video I did the challenge and made my donation.  XO

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Barrington Bag Giveaway!!

Eeks!  Sheaffer and I are just so excited about today's giveaway!  This giveaway is specifically for one of my favorite groups of people...

(and other people in the school system too)!!!

Some of my very favorite people in the world work in schools.   And now that I have a school aged kiddo, I'm even more thankful for their hard work, love, kindness and compassion as they educate sweet kids.  This contest is for anyone who works in the school system...speech therapists, secretaries, nurses, occupational therapists, aides...anyone who works in education :).

Okay, remember at the beginning of the summer when Sheaffer was gushing over her Barrington Bag and I joked that I wish I had one, and then the nice people at Barrington sent me one (so unexpected and kind!)?  Well, these sweet people have agreed to giveaway a bag to you and 4 of your teacher friends!  Woohoo!

The lucky winner will not only receive a bag for herself but she'll be able to select 4 other people who work in education to win them as well!  How fun is that?!?!?!  They will be able to customize their own Nantucket or St. Anne tote.

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If you haven't been to Barrington's site, you really should.  You get to customize the type and size of your bag, the design, the color and the monogram.  My bag is extra large and perfect for traveling.  It fits everything...see...

...even a turtle shell, sword and bow and arrow fit inside :).

Here are some of the other bags you could make (but honestly, the possibilities are pretty endless)...

If  you work in education out there, thank you so much for everything you do.  From the bottom of my heart, I truly appreciate your service.  

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And on my foodie blog today...

Who says you can't have a Sloppy Joe for breakfast? :)

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Colorado Road Trip

The Shull family just came back from a road trip.  I could have named this post The Longest Post Shay Has Ever Written, but I didn't.  Nevertheless, I apologize for the length...I wanted to fit the entire trip into this one post :).

We decided it was time to load the kids up and head out for beautiful Colorado.  We made a full circle...leaving Dallas and heading to Amarillo for the night, then cutting through New Mexico until we arrived in Breckenridge, Colorado.  When we came home, we went through Denver and then down through Kansas and Oklahoma until we were back to Dallas.  Both legs of the trip took about 15 hours.  

It was your typical road trip...there was scenery, lots of yummy food, a little puking, some site seeing, car sickness and a fender bender.  You know, we did it Griswold style.  

As a side note (this will come into play at the end of the trip), back on May 5, the kids and I were in a car accident that totaled my car.  Since my car was only a year old, I wanted to replace it with the exact same car...but there is a huge waiting list for this car now, so I was told by every dealership that would take 4 months to replace my car...and I chose to wait it out.  The first two months of the summer, I drove Andrew's wrapped car that has his face all over it (lucky me) and then the last two months, the dealership was able to provide me with a loaner car.  We drove the loaner car on this trip.  Keep this in mind ;).

Monday afternoon, we headed out to Amarillo to spend the night.  It's about a 6 hour drive from Dallas to Amarillo, TX.

My kids are so good in the car.  I did a post here about traveling in the car with kids...but I really think it just takes a lot of practice.  Smith did this most of the movies.  (Several of you have asked me where we found the iPad holders and they're from the Apple Store.)

And Kensington did with her toys :).

We were so bored and desperate on the way to Amarillo that we stopped for Dairy Queen.  Andrew and I remembered that the last time we had a Blizzard was almost 9 years ago on the day we closed on our first house.  Very random Shull fact :).

The next morning, I put on my car traveling uniform of leggings and my blardigan...Sheaffer and Andrea were so jealous of the cold weather and comfy clothes :).

Breakfast at Cracker Barrel (a road trip requirement, no?).  Smith was roaring.

Back in the car we go.  It was 8 hours from Amarillo to Breckenridge, Colorado.

About an hour from Amarillo, we found a baby cow in the middle of the road...luckily, my hubby grew up on a working farm with cattle, so he knew how to run it back through the fence to its mama.  #cowproblems

We made it to Breckenridge around 3:00 pm!  Woohoo!

My peeps enjoying beautiful Breckenridge!

I love my girl!  
(And listen, several of you have already asked about my cross body bag...unfortunately, it is several years old.  I did a post on cross body bags here if you want to read it!)

After dinner at a brewery, the kids played and played by the water.  Not a bad view.

Everyone said we should eat at Crepes a la Cart (this outdoor crepe stand) but it started raining really hard, so Andrew stood in the rain to get our crepes and we ate them in the car.  Listen, these crepes were the best I've ever had...and I'm pretty much a crepe eating expert.  We ended up having them 3 nights in a row for dessert...sooooo good!

My kiddos said they were still hungry after dinner and crepes and they wanted a pizza.  Side note...the Shull gets don't eat much.  They can pretty much eat two bites and call it good until the next day.  They just never have been big eaters and they don't snack between, when they said they were hungry and wanted more to eat, we happily got them a little pizza to share.

Big mistake.

So....we were staying in the Beaver Run Resort (which was okay but not fabulous) and they upgraded us to a suite with a separate bedroom...the only catch is that there was only one king sized we decided that was fine and we would all four sleep together.  Fast forward to this evening and around 10:30, Kensington threw up everywhere.  In the bed.  Where we were all sleeping.  And by everywhere, I mean e.v.e.r.y.w.h.e.r.e.


We're pretty sure it was a mixture of too much pizza and altitude sickness.  As soon as it was over, she was good to go.  Smith slept through the entire ordeal.  We literally picked him up and moved him around to clean up and remove all the bedding and he never even opened an eyelid. 

The view from our room the next morning.

Breakfast at a local cafe.

After breakfast, we headed up to the top of Peak 8 for the fun!  My kids loved riding these gondolas!!

My kids had the BEST time at the top of Peak 8.  They love, love, loved everything about it!

On the ski lift about to do the Alpine Slide!

The boys

The girls :)

Andrew and I agreed that our favorite part of the trip was the scenic ski lift to the top where we were able to hike around.  This ski lift took about 30 minutes and we were all 4 able to ride was so peaceful and beautiful.  

I looked down when we were hiking and laughed...I apparently hike like a city girl in my Toms, Kendra Scott necklace and Caramel Macchiato.

Smith loved our time at the very top.

Mom selfie to end the day :).  We were waiting for Andrew to order our crepes...we all ordered the S'mores Crepe this time...goodness, it was so yummy!

The next morning, we were ready for a big day of horseback riding and fishing!

We took a 90 minute trail ride and oh goodness, it was so much fun!  We went up the mountain to the top of Peak 10 and back down.

After our morning of horseback riding, we stopped for BBQ and a great view :).

Andrew grew up fishing, so the kids wanted to fish too.  We brought the kids rod and reels from home so they could fish.  This is how Smith fished...cookie in hand, rod on leg.

It was so peaceful.

The only thing K caught was seaweed but boy, she was really, really proud of it :).

We ended the day with another crepe.  Listen people, they were that good.

On our last full day, the kids wanted to head back up to Peak 8 before we left.  Hubby and me on the gondola.

Back at the top of Peak 8 for more Alpine Sliding!  After a morning at the top, we drove the 45 minutes to Vail.

Everywhere we go, he always wants to hold my hand.

We had THE BEST German food in Vail.  You know me, I love German food.  German food is my very, very, very favorite kind of food!!  Woohoo!

It was such a fun day in Vail!

Kensington wanted to take our picture.  With all of those selfies, I forget that I'm only 5'3" compared to my 6'5" husband!

After Vail, we headed out...first stopping in Denver at Casa Bonita.  If you know what this is, I'm pretty sure you're laughing right now.  Andrew grew up eating here on every family trip to Colorado.  It's a Mexican restaurant like you've never seen...there is cliff diving.  Yes, cliff diving inside the Mexican restaurant.  My kids loved it!

Big fans of Casa Bonita!

We left Denver and drove to Salina, Kansas where we arrived at 2:00 am and stayed the night.  We got up at 7:30 and drove the rest of the way back to Dallas.

And in Oklahoma City, we were rear the loaner car we are driving because we were in a car accident.  That folks, is irony.

Thankfully, it was minor and we were able to drive off and head back to Texas (and thankfully, my new car arrives on Monday!).  In our 10 years of marriage, we have only had two car accident situations...both within a four month period.

Here we are just after crossing back into Texas.  We live about an hour from the Texas/Oklahoma border, so at this point, we thought we were in the clear.  

And then I got car sick.

Road trip fun.

I'm so thankful for this little 6 day journey with my family!  Nothing like over 30 hours of car time to really bring a family together.

The entire trip, we kept saying that it was all so perfect...except for one thing...there is a little girl on the other side of the world who wasn't with us.  The next Shull adventure...the four of us are packing up and heading there to bring her home.  We are so ready to be a family of five.

On my foodie blog today...

...a little party trick for serving puddings and trifles.

And don't forget, you have one more day to win one of these fabulous necklaces... here for your chance to win!


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