Friday, August 28, 2015

Friday Favorites!

Hey! Hey! Hey!  It's Fri-day!

Woohoo!  This first week of school has kicked our hineys, and we need a weekend.  We are all so TIRED!  My kids are not used to their back to school schedule yet...TGIF!

Today, I'm linking up with my favorite girls NarciAndrea and Erika and sharing some of my Friday Favorites with you!

When I posted this picture of us at the Louvre earlier in the week, I had several people ask me about my shoes.  These are the Go Walks that I'm always talking about!!  I cannot even begin to tell you how comfy they are and if you're going on a trip anytime soon that involves walking, these shoes are for you.  In Paris, we walked 7 to 9 miles a day and my feet never once hurt (and no blisters either!). 

If you have a Disney trip planned, these will save your life :).  I wear mine around our neighborhood every day (walking the kids to and from school, taking my kids out on their bikes and such).  I love how they're super simple to just slip on and you don't need socks.  #ilovethese   My grey ones are new...up until recently, I've been wearing these pink ones...

...that I bought about three years ago.  I wore them so much that I bought the grey pair too (this past July) for our new trip.  Pink, doesn't matter.  They're both so comfortable!

This was me on the first day of school on Monday...wearing my Smith necklace and my Kensington necklace :). I have an Ashby necklace too...but since the big kids were headed off to school, I wore their names.  I love these little necklaces so much!  I bought my mom one for Christmas that says Lovie and my mother-in-law one that says Nanny (their grandma names).  These guys make great gifts :).

I have a confession to make.  Only my friends and family know this.

I am secretly an 80 year old woman trapped inside this 33 year old body.

You're shocked, right?!

My girlfriends and my parents would all tell you that I am a very old soul.  Something else you might not know about me...but there is ALWAYS music playing in our house.  Always.  I turn it on right when I wake up (4:20 am) and don't shut it off until 9:00 pm when I'm about to sit down and watch TV before bed.  I don't just turn on any music...I only turn on standards.  (Now, you see why I'm obsessed with Michael Buble right...he sings standards.)

So, on Wednesday, when I confessed to be listening to Nat King Cole, I had many of you tell me that you're old souls too. #oldsoulsunite 

If you're like me and you're an old soul, you should also be listening to these two guys sing standards.  First...

...Rod Stewart has five standard albums plus a greatest hits version and I may or may not have them all in CD form...and on iTunes.  Look them up on iTunes!  All of his standard albums are labeled The Great American Songbook 1-5 plus that Greatest Hits album.  You'll love them all.  Annnnnnd...if you love them, then you'll also love this guy...

...Steve Tyrell.  He produced all of the Rod Stewart standard albums plus...he's the one who did all of the music for Father of the Bride.  He's amazing.  I may or may not listen to his channel on Pandora every single day when I turn on my standards throughout my house.  You old souls are going to thank me :).

Speaking of my post on Wednesday...three cheers for this plaid shirt and my new booties too...

...and, I went online and ordered these jeans...because well, as you can see, the shorts just aren't going to cut it this fall ;).  

Well, I've mentioned this before, so you guys know my cousin Casey owns her own bow boutique (hence the fab bows my girls are always wearing), and look what she gave me on Wednesday!  Burlap bows for fall!  

I need a moment.

I cute are they?!?!

So, to see the burlap bows, plus holiday bows, plus every single bow you've ever seen Kensington or Ashby wear (they wear XL Jumbo size), click here for One Stop Bow Shop's website.  My cousin is a mama to two girls (Paisley and Penley) and like the sweetest person EVER!  Plus, her team makes the best bows :).

Tuesday's post on Back to School Slow Cooker Suppers was a BIG hit, so if you missed it... can see it here.  Life is simple when you use your slow cooker to make supper.

And...if you're a big butternut squash person like me...or if you like sneaking veggies into your family's food (like me!), then you'll love this... Butternut Squash Mac & Cheese.

My kiddos had no idea they were eating squash.  #momwin

Happy Friday!  I hope you have the best weekend!

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Bonjour Vacation Days 13 & 14: Hello London.

Well, every Shull voted and it was unanimous...Day 13 was our very favorite!  Andrew and I planned this day several months in advance and it was even better than we expected!  We surprised the kids with a ride on the Eurostar through the Chunnel to London.  It was such a fun day!

We woke the kiddos up at 5:00 AM and had them get dressed before telling them the surprise.  The two older kids have been asking to ride the train through the Chunnel for as long as I can remember, so they were both totally excited.  

All aboard and ready to leave Paris and head to London!  The train ride is two hours but you gain an hour going into London, so we arrived bright and early for our big day!

Smith was super pumped about this!

 Off we go!

Hello London.  

Here we are (with my grandparents) the last time we were in London back in 2011.  Our family sure has changed a bit, right?!  Look at those sweet babies.  Smith was 20 months and Kensington was just a few weeks shy of three.

The weather was so nice and cool (in the high 50s when we arrived!) and kind of know, perfect London weather :).

Our first stops that morning were Big Ben and Westminster Abbey.

Hey there Westminster Abbey!  We're super pumped to be visiting you today!

After we left Westminster Abbey, we walked to Buckingham Palace.

We heart London.

Hey there!  Look at me!

After we left Buckingham Palace, we walked to Harrod's for a little lunch.  The food hall is beyond incredible inside Harrod's and getting a bite to take for a picnic is always one of our favorite things to do.

What to pick?  What to pick?  What to pick?

We selected our goodies and then went outside and found a nice place to picnic.

After this, we took a taxi to Kensington and then into Notting Hill :).

It doesn't get old seeing Kensington Dry Cleaners, Kensington Tailor, Kensington Vet, Kensington this and Kensington that.  We all shout out what we see as we see it :).  Here we are now on Portobello Road...this is perhaps my favorite street in the whole world.

We picked up these two dogs earlier in the day when we visited the Buckingham Palace Store.  Love these two.  Meanwhile...

...Ashby napped her way through Notting Hill.

After looking around Notting Hill, we took a taxi to Picadilly Circus and walked through Covent Garden before ending our night at a pub for dinner...

Smith had fish and chips and Andrew had shepherd's, so, so good!

Ashby and I had fish and chips while Kensington had a burger.  We were a happy bunch ;).

Sad faces as we headed back to the train station.  We love London.

We were back in our hotel room in Paris by midnight...tired but happy.

Day 14
Day 14 was our last day before heading home.  We slept in later and then enjoyed our last few moments in Paris.

We stopped for an Eiffel Tower pic any time we could.

And then we ended our trip by placing a lock on one of the bridges.  This is a relatively new tradition in Paris and one that my kids just loved.

Attaching our lock...

Kensington drew the heart :).

Tossing the key after we attached our lock!  It was so fun to do this as a family.

I mean...the locks are everywhere and unbelievable!

After we attached our lock, we let the kids ride the carousel at the Eiffel Tower (notice it in the background).  My kiddos are on top there (see Andrew up there with Ashby).  And of course, we ate a crepe.

The next day, we began our journey back home.  Here we are again in DC after a long flight from Paris.

And then this pretty much sums up my kids...

...we landed at DFW Airport after over 24 hours of being awake and traveling.  And Ashby is making carpet angels (completely oblivious to the fact that she should be tired)...and Kensington... sound asleep on the floor.  When she woke up in her bed the next morning she told me the last thing she remembered was going to sleep on the airport floor :).  She slept the entire time we carried her to the car, loaded her up and drove the 45 minutes home.

That was our trip.  My very favorite part?  Spending uninterrupted time with my family.  That's priceless.

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And for your weekend...

Are there six sweeter words put together?  I think not.

You should make this for your weekend!
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