Friday, January 30, 2015

Friday Favorites: February Goals

I'm linking up with Narci, Andrea and Erika today and sharing my Friday Favorites: February Goals Edition.

I'm really trying to keep my goals simple this month...because I'm trying to keep my year simple.  We're also "nesting" right now as we get Ashby acclimated and attached.  We don't stay home all day, every day, but we're definitely staying home most days.  There have been a lot of pajama days in January and I anticipate even more in February.  

My goals this month:

1. Stay inside more and enjoy the cozy winter.
This month, I need to stay inside more during the day and just enjoy winter.  I am going to light my fireplaces, burn a great candle, turn on my favorite music and be with my kiddos.  This time next year, Smith will be in kindergarten all day, so I really need to make the most of him being home right now. I also need to really soak up all of this two year old love we have in our house because before I know it, she'll be big and in school too.

2. Do more yoga.
Because I'm staying inside more this month and because Ashby isn't ready for the gym's kids' center, I need to do more yoga at home.  I've been practicing yoga since college and it's a great counterpart to my boot camp style classes. This month, while we're at home, I need to stay active by practicing some yoga.

3. Get Ashby's specialists all lined up.
We know which specialists Ashby needs to see about her hand and we're currently in the process of getting appointments (there are steps to this process) my goal is to have all of the steps completed and an appointment scheduled by the end of February.

4. Work on my French (oui!).
I used to be fluent in French (I studied it in college), but I'm very rusty now.  I dusted off my French software and started working on it again during nap time.  I obviously don't need to speak French in my day to day life but it's a skill I used to work very hard on, so it would be nice if I reminded myself of it.  It's also nice to step away for a few minutes and focus on something that's just for me.  Besides, you never know when I might end up in a French speaking country...

5. Spend lots of time with my loves.
We are nesting over here with our new little one, and I plan on enjoying every minute of it this month.  I predict we spend a lot of days in our pjs this month.

So there you have it...nothing earth shattering or ground breaking...just little things to focus on during this month of nesting with Ashby.

Here are a few more favorite things for this Friday...

I've had several of you ask for updates on sweet Manda.  Right now, we are excited about the positive and encouraging news she heard on Wednesday.  After having a full body scan on Tuesday, they told her on Wednesday that it appears that the chemo is working and doing a really good job at reducing the size of the tumors and lesions.  We are so thankful for this encouraging news!  Manda has so much hope right now...and hope is everything.  Please continue to pray for her and her family.  We know that God is in complete control of this situation.

On my foodie blog today, it's double the Valentine's Day goodies...

First up, my Easy Valentine's Day Treats!  Click here to see all of these yummy recipes (plus many more!).

And then to pair with my Valentine's Day treats...

...Andrea's super cute Valentine's Day printables!  Click here to see not only these but many, many more (plus cute ways to package them).

And so many of you were mad for plaid along with me on Wednesday including my friend Megan who owns Heart and Home Collection.  She is offering a promo code for all of my sweet readers...

Woohoo! I love supporting other mamas, so go check out Megan's store and see if you need a little more plaid in your life :).  Promo code MMMSHIP.

Happy Friday friends!  See you Monday for Pin-spired!!

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Life lately

Life this week has been pretty darn good.  We're finally over the jet lag (it was seriously a beast to get over this time around), we've started to settle into our new routine (which I'll blog about next week), we're spending more time at home (which we love) and we're madly in love (with a certain two year old girl).

Here's life lately...

We're heading to carpool line to pick up Kensington and she almost always brings her little musical house.

All smiles :)

Kensington walked into the kitchen and told me to take this picture for Ms. Sheaffer so that she knew she wore her blardigan to school that day.  Hahaha!  My kid knows what a blardigan is...because it's the best thing ever and her mama wears it all winter long!

We had Ashby's first well visit here in the US last was quite traumatic for us all.  My sweet girl was not happy about being examined and screamed the entire time with her eyes closed.  Sigh.  Bless her sweet heart.  Little does she know she has many, many appointments in her near future.  As soon as I got her dressed and the doctor left, she was all smiles like this (pic above).  I just love this kid so much :).

We've been spending a lot more time at home with Ashby, so Smith and I have been playing a lot of board games while she naps.  I am so glad we're nesting during the winter when it's cold out...that makes staying inside and playing games so cozy!

He looks like he's all smiles and sweetness but he'll whoop you in Yahtzee...he plays to win!

On Saturday night after Smith Stadium, Nixon came over and spent the night, so we took all four kids out for pizza.  This was Ashby's first time to have pizza and let me tell you...she was a BIG fan!

Kensington and Smith want to go back to Disney World, so I told them we can't until Ashby understands why it's so cool (you know, she needs to understand who Mickey and Minnie are and all of the princesses).  Kensington is making it her big sister mission to educate her...this is them sharing popcorn and watching The Little Mermaid :).

Three cheers and three kids for our daily afternoon snacks!

My sweet, sweet, sweet friend Narci took pics of the kids for us on Monday night...and it was quite challenging.  I was ready to throw in the towel but Narci wouldn't give up.  She doused herself in leaves and made everyone laugh.  Love that sweet photographer friend :).

Reading books...we read a lot of books together :).

It's been unseasonably warm out, so we enjoyed our playground in the backyard along with a banana.

Hmmm...why is Anna running by so quickly???

Ohhh!  Because this crazy guy is chasing her!

Ashby loves her little tricycle!

Smith got into the pool gear.

And who knew that Ashby had moves?!?  I turned on some Taylor Swift for Kensington to dance to and Ashby busted a move.  This girl loves to dance!

And then this is my view every night.  Right now, Ashby is sleeping in our bed.  I love reading my book before bed and seeing her there asleep :).

On my foodie blog today are yummy Sweet Corn Chicken Tostadas... here for the recipe.

And all of you Pin-spired bloggers, we'll be hosting our Pin-spired link up on Monday!


Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Fifty Two Shades of Shay: Mad for Plaid

So, this particular Shade of Shay happened on accident. 

I was snapping pics of myself so that I could follow along with Erika today and do a What We Wore Wednesday post when I noticed something about my wardrobe...

What's with all the plaid?  Seriously, someone should have said something.

We already knew that I was a stripe person...

...but apparently, in the fall and winter, my stripes turn into plaid.

So, my What We Wore Wednesday has morphed into what must apparently be a Shade of Shay.

Hello.  My name is Shay and I am mad for plaid.

So instead of What I Wore's pretty much What I Wear Every Single Day.

My plaid-ness seems to fall into two categories...scarves and shirts (sometimes worn together).

Plaid Scarves

So, as you can see, I sometimes mix my plaid scarves with my striped tees, sometimes, I wear plaid scarves with a plaid shirt and sometimes, I wear a plaid scarf with a plaid skirt (fourth pic).   I honestly did not understand my plaid addiction until I start looking through these pics.

None of the scarves I'm wearing above are still in stock (boo).  I've learned that most plaid scarves are on sale in the fall, but if you still need a plaid scarf to add to your wardrobe, I found a few for you...

Navy Plaid, Black Plaid, Blue Plaid, Red Plaid

My Daily Uniform...
...and repeat the next day :).

Looking through to find you ladies scarves, I thought these two were such a great steal...they're really cute and right now, 50% off and less than $12.

Okay...this scarf isn't plaid but it's cheetah print and I saw it and thought it would look so cute over a shirt (perhaps a plaid shirt???).  It comes in three colors.

Plaid scarves are all over Pinterest too...

...sigh.  Not only am I wearing plaid, I'm pinning plaid too :).

Plaid Shirts
Listen, the people at Gap should be calling me.  I should be their official spokesperson for their plaid shirts.

Thanks to the fact that Gap almost always has some sale (like 20, 30 or 40% off), I pick up their plaid shirts a lot...and wear them even more!  Other than the first plaid shirt (that one was from Nordstrom), the other plaid ones all come from...Gap.   I love me a plaid shirt.

My Pinterest boards say I like plaid shirts too...

...I'm always pinning, pinning, pinning.

If you need a little plaid in your life...I found some plaid shirts you might like...

Navy Gingham, Pink Check, Plaid Flannel, Coral Plaid

And I'm totally loving these...

... cute flannels I found at Old Navy!  I just bought the coral one because they're just so cute (and who doesn't love flannel?!).

So there you have it...what am I going to wear this Wednesday?  Probably plaid.

To see my other Shades of Shay, click here.

When Spring starts, I'll do a Shade on other love.

Yummy Creamy Tomato Chicken Pasta is in my slow cooker today!  Click here to find the quick and easy recipe.


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