Thursday, July 24, 2014

#shayeveryday2014 Weeks 28 & 29

I was gone last today, you get double the Shay Every Day :).

Day 190: The kids and I hosted our first little pool party in the backyard!

Day 191: Lunch at Spoons with Daddy on a Thursday (and of course...her dog came with us...and she wore gloves...because, why not?).

Day 192: Road trip to Houston with this boy to see the Red Sox play the Astros!

Day 193: Smith's first Red Sox game!

Day 194: The tooth fairy came again!  Someone told Kensington that if you leave out a glass of milk, the tooth fairy will dip her wing in it and then you can see what color she is.  Kensington just knew her fairy would be turquoise.  (Thank goodness for random food color choices in my pantry!)

Day 195: Happy Monday to you!!

Day 196: Andrew and I headed to Savannah, Georgia!  (And several of you asked if my name was, they just ran my first and middle names together on my plane name is Shay and my middle name is Lynn.)

Day 197: Filming segments for the new Paula Deen Network in Paula's kitchen!

Day 198: Back home in my kitchen with my favorite these two so much!!

Day 199: It was July 18th and only 60 degrees in North Texas.  This day was record breaking...and I loved every.single. minute. of it!

Day 200: The weather was so gorgeous that we spent the day on our town square...getting these two high on sugar at Mom and Popcorn!

Day 201: My little foodie loves grocery shopping with me!

Day 202: What?!  Only four more weeks of summer????  Nooooo!

Day 203: I sat up on my windowsill and started planning fall recipes!  I have apples, pumpkins, squash, soups and cinnamon on the brain now.  The joys of being a food blogger...I'm always one season ahead :). 

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On the foodie blog today...'s Burger Day!!  If you're a burger person, you'll love today's post!  I'm sharing my favorite burger recipes this summer!

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Inside Smith's Room

The minute Smith knew we were building a house, he asked for an orange room.


I love orange.  I love it when it's confined to pumpkins and Halloween decorations.  In fact, there are really few things that I love more than a pumpkin during fall...but I don't typically use orange as an accent piece in my decorating.  

That being said...I have this precious little four year old boy that is absolutely obsessed with the color, so we surprised him with an orange room.  We kept telling Smith that his room was going to be green (like his old room at our other house) and he was okay with that (he never fussed or complained)...he would just kind of say "an orange room would be cool".  The day the painters put up all of the sample paint colors throughout the house, we took the kids and walked from room to room looking...and when we got to Smith's room and he saw that big orange sample on his wall, he screamed.  He was sooooooo excited :).  Granted, he doesn't have an entirely orange room...he does have one big orange accent wall and that has thrilled him to pieces.

Smith slept in a twin bed at our other house, so we upgraded his bed to a full in this house.  I found all of his bedding at Pottery Barn Teen.  Baseball sheets, plaid pillow cases, rugby quilt and navy duvet.  And yes, he has one Yankee pillow case and one Red Sox pillow case...that's called compromise in our house.

 I found these superhero pieces at Hobby Lobby.

Smith loooooves his alarm clock :)

 I actually found the Fenway Park sign outside of Fenway Park.

A peek inside Smith's bathroom.  We gave Smith a shower because we knew that one day soon, he'll be a big teenage boy in this room...and a shower just made more sense than a tub for a big boy. 

So there you have it.  I love Smith's room because it's so him.  And just so you know, I typically don't make his bed every day because he still naps there (and that seems like a lot of work to make his bed and then unmake it a few hours later for a nap)...but I made it for you :).

And for lunch today (or a yummy side dish!)...

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Inside Our Kitchen

A few weeks ago, I shared photos of the inside of our pantry and many of you asked to see our kitchen too.

In our 10 years of married life, Andrew and I have lived in 5 different places...and in every single home, the kitchen was the center of the house.  When we started planning and preparing to build our new house, the functionality and design of our kitchen was really one of our biggest priorities.

This kitchen is where we live.

Come on inside our kitchen :).

 We wanted the kitchen really open and in the center of the house.  We wanted it to be the spot where people gathered.

Three bar stools for three kiddos.

This is our fridge hiding behind those heavy doors.

 On either side of my farmhouse sink is a dishwasher.

This is our favorite part of the kitchen (and maybe even my favorite part of the house).  We sit up here, the kids play up here, every morning, I read my Bible and have breakfast up here, I can use this space for serving platters during parties, people can sit right there and chat with us while we're cooking... it's just a great place right by the big windows looking out.

Right off of the coffee bar area is our little prep kitchen area.  This little area (often called a butler's pantry) is between the kitchen and dining room and holds an extra sink, mini fridge, ice maker and all of our china, seasonal dishes and serving pieces.

The other side of the little prep kitchen area.

We've lived in our house about 8 weeks now and the kitchen is most definitely our favorite room.  The best parts of my day are spent in that room with my sweet hubby and kiddos.

I hope you enjoyed the tour!  I wish I could invite you all in for some coffee and a piece of bundt cake :).

To see our pantry, click here.
To see my laundry room/office, click here.
To see my closet, click here.
To see what's on my walls, click here.
To learn more about our building process, click here.

Tomorrow, I'm showing you Smith's room...I bet you can't guess what color it is???  ;)

Also, I know some of you will want to know exact names of paints and materials used, so if that's you, email me and I'll try and figure it out :).

And speaking of my's what's cookin' in there tonight...

...Andrea's amazing Pulled Pork!!  Seriously one of my very favorite meals!

And thanks to the fabulous Narci D. Photography for the first photo (and my new head shot photo too!).

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