Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Bachelor Episode 2 Recap: Q&A Style

Last night's episode was so much fun to watch!  I just love me a one on one date!  I thought both Sarah and Des were super cute and fun!

  Ok...yesterday, I opened the blog up for questions about last night's episode or the Bachelor in general...and as always, you had more than a few.  Here are some of them with my answers...I can't answer any questions that in any way shed light on the outcome of the show, so if your question did, I'm sorry but I won't be able to answer those questions.  If I didn't get to yours, hopefully, I will before next week.  Stay tuned...

1. Have any of the girls from Sean's season contacted me through my blog as a way to get in good with the big sister?


2. Do I know how Sean's season ends?


3. Is the show still taping?  Is Sean home now?

The show finished taping right before Thanksgiving.  Sean was home for Thanksgiving and has been home ever since.

4. What was the "he meant that with love" tweet from me during last week's episode?

Sean told one of the girls that siblings help define who we are...that he has a sister who talks all the time, so he's not much of a talker.  It's the truth.  I've been talking for him since he was born...he meant that with love because he (and our entire family) knows that I'm the talker.  And, he loves me :).

5. When Sean was on the Bachelorette, did he pay for his own wardrobe?  What about the girls on the Bachelor?

Yes, they pay for their own wardrobe.  We actually went shopping with him and helped him pick out stuff.  Well...Andrew and Sean shopped and Mom, Dad, the kids and I watched.  Those two guys are such fierce shoppers!  For the Bachelorette, he packed his suitcases with what he thought he needed for up to 11 weeks and headed off to Charlotte.  As the lead on the Bachelor, his wardrobe was provided.  I asked a producer once and she told me the same was true for the girls on the Bachelor.  Everyone provides their own wardrobe.  She explained it like this...they want contestants on the show who really want to be there for the right reasons (not for a free wardrobe or a big fat check).  Having to sacrifice a little to be on the show, shows the producers which girls are in it for the right reasons and which ones aren't.  As for the lead having their wardrobe provided...it's just another nice perk to being the center of the show.

 6. Did Sean get to ask the girls about their faith?

Yes.  Sean was able to talk to them about anything and everything.  They obviously can't show every single second of each week in a two hour show, so you may or may not see him ask everyone, but yes, faith was discussed.

7. Were we concerned about Sean being the Bachelor because of our faith and perhaps the reputation of Bachelor's from the past?

Absolutely not.  We were so proud of the way Sean handled himself in Emily's season and not for one second did we think he would disappoint us.  Even going into Emily's season, we had no reservations.  Sean is as true as he portrays himself.  We had no fears or doubts.

8. How did Sean modify his diet while filming the show?

From what he tells me, he ate what was convenient.  Sean usually has a really healthy diet (with the occasional whoopie pie thrown in) but while filming the show, he ate what he could, when he could.  He was really busy the entire time.

9. Who was my favorite girl on last night's episode?

I loved Sarah!  If a guy brought me to the top of a skyscraper and said I had to jump off, I'd probably have thrown up everywhere.  She was a real trooper!  And she was sweet and beautiful.

10. Where do we all watch each episode?

Mom and Dad live about 50 minutes away from me, so they watch it at their house and we watch it at our house...and then we discuss when the show is over. For the first 2 episodes, Sean has been in LA or NYC, but when he returns home, he'll just watch it with his close friends.  Last season, he watched one episode with me and he said he would do the same this season. Having two small kiddos who need to be in bed for school the next morning, we've decided just to stay home and watch.

11. Will I let my kids watch Sean make out with girls on TV?

Yes.  I'm not worried about the show being too inappropriate because Sean is the lead...and I know him.  Last night's show was really educational for my kids, we were able to discuss people with certain handicaps (Sarah), and we were able to discuss how God made people with a variety of skin colors...and that we're to love everyone no matter how God made them.  Because God only makes beautiful people.  They also understand that Uncle Sean is on a show to find someone to marry...and truth be told, you sometimes have to kiss several people before you find the one you want to marry.

12. Do the girls have stylist on the show to do their hair and makeup?

Nope.  They do it themselves (or help each other do it).  Clothes, makeup and hair is all on their own.

13. How does Sean remember the girl's names at the Rose Ceremonies?

Obviously, the first night was hard because he just met 26 people for the first time...thankfully, there are producers that can remind him of names.  After that, he really got to know the girls on dates (and there were less girls), so he just knew all of their names.

14. Am I not a fan of Tierra because I tweeted that Kensington said "no Seanie!  Get rid of her!"?

Right now, I have two types of knowledge.  I know what I know because the show is wrapped and I've had almost 2 months to learn a lot about what's going to unfold.  And now, I'm also getting to know the specific details as I watch the show live with you guys.  That being said, I have some opinions about Tierra but most of them come from the "coming up on this season" clips that they show at the end of each episode.  As for Kensington's comment...it was just funny that she was so quiet about all of the other girls but then really got mad at her uncle for not tossing Tierra out.  She formed her own little opinion quite quick!

15. Was I able to talk to Sean during this process?

Contact with Sean was limited because he was focused and busy.  Plus, Andrew and I were out of the country two weeks of his filming on our own vacation.  I spoke with him a few times but honestly, he was a super busy guy.

Ok!  Enough for one post!  Some of you asked me really sweet questions and I know you have the best of intentions but if I answer them, they will give away too much about this upcoming season.  I kept all of the questions and there will be a time and a place for me to answer them...just not now.

One last thing...don't forget to go check out Sheaffer's blog tomorrow to see her recreate one look from last night's episode on her blog Pinterest Told Me To.  She'll be taking one look from a contestant and recreating it out of her own wardrobe.  Love it!


  1. I love all the inside scoop! If you are taking more questions for another episode...I'm wondering if Sean actually picks all the girls to keep at the rose ceremony or if he picks a percentage of them and the producers keep some around for entertainment purposes! Thanks for sharing Shay!

  2. So enjoying this season so far. My daughter has a great thing going on her fb with a few people making comments during the show. Last night I told her that her conversations were making me laugh and keeping me as entertained as the show (I don't have twitter so can't follow that as well). It all makes it so fun to keep up with things like that and your blog the next day. (She told me she wants to be a bachelor blogger when "she grows up" - btw she is 23 lol).Keep it up.

  3. okay...lets talk for a second about how i got home from boot camp last night after a long day w/ a sick baby, ate dinner, showered and went to sit down and watch AND?? the dvr didn't record!!! ummm...PARTY FOUL!! i was so irritated! so now i'll have to watch it on demand tonight. but it was still fun to read your post ~ can't wait to get caught up tonight! =)

  4. Shay- You are too cute! I love your blogs and you are seriously such a great sister. I love that you said Sean have such a great relationship. Also am glad to hear he was able to ask the girls about their faith...so important!! I pray he finds his perfect girl because he so deserves it!

  5. This is so fun! These ladies are asking great questions...I'll have to think of a good one. :) Absolutely loving this season, I hope it ends in happiness for Sean!

  6. I think Des is my new favorite after last nights episode!

  7. LOVED last night's episode!!! I also love the 1 on 1 dates. Love getting to know the girls better. Sarah & Des are my favorites so far! Ahhh!!! This season is so fun & it's only week 2! YAY!

  8. love these answers! just found your blog and it is adorable :)


  9. I love this season. Your brother is such a gentleman, it's a breath of fresh air! I loved Sarah last night, I feel like they really had some chemistry and I could just see them being together. But then Des popped up and she is sweet and adorable too! ... I think these two are the best matches for him so far and I hope they both get to make it to the final 4!

  10. Fun to read your answers! what did you think about Sean on Jimmy Kimmel last night? his rose-stealing segment was hilarious! I also thought JK did a decent job predicting top 4. Sarah was beautiful last night. I liked how Lindsey showed her normal side. Kacie is great, but I'm scared to get attached to any of them because only 1 will make it to be your future sister-in-law! :)

  11. I think this is so awesome Shay! I've always wondered what really goes on behind the scenes.

  12. Oh I just love the Q&A posts! Thanks for answering so many questions that so many of us have! My 16 year old daughter and I watch it together every week!!! The show usually leads to some good discussion topics as you said!! Tell Sean that we are cheering him on from Franklin, TN!

  13. I'll bet you didn't expect the senior member of your fan club to 1. Join Twitter 2. Follow most of the people you recommended 3. Die laughing (mostly at Dana's tweets), and 4. Read said tweets to my tech challenged friend for 20 minutes tonight! LOVED the rose stealing on Kimmel! I think Sean is the most sincere, most personable bachelor ever! He has handled every situation beautifully. Avoiding spoilers this year, but LOVE your follow up insider info.

  14. Hi

    I have a question - I know that Sean used to work for Andrew, but what does he do now for a living? He is out of the insurance business? I love your brother (in a brotherly sort of way). I hope more than I have ever hoped that he finds the one for him.

  15. Sean and his best friend opened a business called Factory Girl. They do a lot but specialize in making some really cool furniture. You can check them out online!

  16. Shay, this was so much fun to read. Thank you for sharing the "big sister" insight.

  17. Oh, and I did have a question. On the first night, as Sean was waiting for the first limo to arrive, he closed his eyes for a moment. Was he praying? :)

  18. How crazy is it that Sean was on Jimmy Kimmel Monday night?? I guess just as crazy as him being the Bachelor! Sean is doing a great job! So excited for your family!

  19. Ohh! Love this Q&A Shay! Thanks for the beind-the-scenes.

  20. Shay, excellent!!! That's what I thought.

  21. Thank you for andwers some qustion but i have one more for you.
    Do the girls all go home after they didnt get the rose or are they in hideing till there episode is aired and how about the finale 2
    Loving reading your blog and let you brother know that he is doing a great job and I cant wait till monday so I can see the show

  22. Everyone is sent home right after they don't receive a rose. However, the final 3 go home at the same time. When Sean was dumped 3rd, he had to stay in Curacao until the show was wrapped and then he flew home.

  23. Shay,

    Your blog is fabulous as always. Sean surely should have played baseball in college, cause he is hitting a home run as the Bachelor! he is funny, sincere and entertaining all at once. This week I could see what a great connection he has with Desiree and what a challenging time lies ahead for him. You are an amazing support system for Sean and I hope you too find a connection with the lady Sean chooses. Thanks fro sharing all you can and for tracking what you can't yet share, so there is a second chance at it!

  24. Loving this season. Sean has definitely knocked Brad Womack off my favorite bachelor seat. I love a man who is humble, handsome, sexy and thinks with the right head ;). You have a great brother. His inner and outer beauty and sincerity just radiates through the TV screen.

  25. This was so fun to read! I'm a new follower of your blog!


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